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Before Pursue Pro was a legal entity, it was more of a practice that just naturally happened due to the passion for marketing inside a group of four friends. Each individual, in this group of four people, had their own area of profession, and a unique skill set.
Jacob Hirschman is the Marketing Strategy whiz. His passion is to help small businesses determine what marketing needs they have, and connect them with the professionals that are best suited to fill their needs.
Isaac Byard is the Website Guru of the bunch. He quit his job as a maintenance man, and started his own small business developing websites and setting up online marketing for small businesses.
Lee Barczyk is the social media buff. His personality that keeps him on top of the trends, combined with his education in Marketing, makes him the best person to manage and market business’s Social media accounts.
Jon McCray is the highly skilled and uniquely artistic soul that thrives off graphic design. With huge amounts of experience in the field, he excels at any project that is introduced to his creativity.
Together this group makes up the heart of Pursue Pro. By each focusing on the function that they are made for, and working together to form an advanced organism, they can help businesses achieve greater heights in the marketing realm.

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Jacob Hirschman

Jacob Hirschman

Strategic Marketing Professional

Isaac Byard

Isaac Byard

Online Marketing Professional

Lee Barczyck

Lee Barczyck

Social Media Marketing Professional

Jon McCray

Jon McCray

Graphic Design Professional


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